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Thermal News September 2016

Selection of the best temperature sensor element and assembly is critical to the thermal accuracy and performance of industrial equipment, analytical instrumentation, and medical devices.

Thermal News February 2016

Six years ago, Durex embarked upon a business objective to become the best engineering and manufacturing company in our industry. This meant raising the bar of our engineering and manufacturing competencies.

Thermal News November 2015

Solving thermal problems is one hallmark of what Durex brings to customers. We would like to share 3 examples of how Durex solved challenging applications.

Thermal News July 2015

Welcome! Durex’ core technologies and advanced thermal solutions provide superior performance - giving our customers advantages in their industries.

Durex Announces the SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater

Durex Industries’ SENTINEL heaters offer the advances of improved thermal efficiency, higher process temperatures, and reduced system cost.

Announcing the UL Listing and Launch of the HALO® Temperature Controller

HALO is a patent pending integrated controller that reduces thermal system complexity and cost as compared to traditional solutions.

New Mica Foil High Temperature Heater Technology

Need uniform heat with fast response for applications up to 1112°F (600°C)?

Thermal News May 2015

Spring is in the air with new technologies, business processes, and human resources at Durex Industries. Ed Hinz, Durex Founder and CEO, recently stated that Durex continues to reinvest in development of new technologies, products, manufacturing processes

Case Studies

Top-Mount Immersion Heater

Foodservice Equipment Immersion Heaters

A manufacturer of beverage dispensing equipment for large outdoor venues contacted Durex for help.  In very cold weather conditions, refrigeration and freezing equipment were "freezing up" and not operating properly.  They needed heat in the various refrigerant media in order to provide consistent year-round temperature control and operation.  In addition, the heating solution had to fit within a very small footprint.…

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Case Study Skid System

Steel Processing Skid System and Control Panel

A rolled steel manufacturing plant needed to expand their production capacity.  They wanted to replicate and improve existing heater systems in other countries and contacted Durex for help.  This new system, however, needed to have air outlet temperatures approaching 1400F°.  In addition, the existing designs were experiencing premature heater failures, so design improvements to increase life were also desired if possible to obtain.…

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Plastics Extrusion Tubular Heater

Plastics Extrusion Tubular Heaters

The customer was using ring type tubular heater assemblies to heat extrusion blown film exiting the extrusion die in order to prevent cool down of the plastic at the die exit.  Heater elements were slowly failing so customer needed to repair and replace several units on their film lines.  He reached out to Durex to determine if we could design / build these heater assemblies and if there were improvements we could make in order to extend heater lifetime.…

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Cast Bronze Ring Heater

Paper Product Manufacturing Cast Heaters

A manufacturer of paper-based products for the consumer market had unsatisfactory results with the productivity of one of its manufacturing lines.  The product was manufactured in a heated press line.  The production volume had been ramped up and the heat recovery of the press could not keep up with the production demand.  Temperature precision and recovery time are critical to the high speed process.…

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Aerospace Temperature Sensors

Aerospace Temperature Sensor Solution

As a major supplier to the aerospace aftermarket, the customer needed to design a temperature sensor assembly that was part of a larger electro-mechanical subassembly.  Replacing just the sensor probe was a more cost effective solution than replacing the entire assembly.   The sensor assembly included 3 separate TC probes wired in series to measure the average temperature of the 3 locations.  Critical to temperature measurement was a low resistance specification for the interconnecting wire between the probes.…

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Fuel Tank Heater-PH

Fuel Tank Heater

Durex was contacted by an engineer who needed a solution for heating a diesel fuel tank that was located under a large power generator.   Space limitation and access location created a challenge for assembly of the immersion heater in the side of the tank. …

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