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Thermal News Autumn 2015

Solving thermal problems is one hallmark of what Durex brings to customers. We would like to share 3 examples of how Durex solved challenging applications.

Thermal News Summer 2015

Welcome! Durex’ core technologies and advanced thermal solutions provide superior performance - giving our customers advantages in their industries.

Durex Announces the SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater

Durex Industries’ SENTINEL heaters offer the advances of improved thermal efficiency, higher process temperatures, and reduced system cost.

Announcing The UL Listing and Launch of The HALO® Temperature Controller

HALO is a patent pending integrated controller that reduces thermal system complexity and cost as compared to traditional solutions.

New Mica Foil High Temperature Heater Technology

Need uniform heat with fast response for applications up to 1112°F (600°C)?

Thermal News Spring 2015

Spring is in the air with new technologies, business processes, and human resources at Durex Industries. Ed Hinz, Durex Founder and CEO, recently stated that Durex continues to reinvest in development of new technologies, products, manufacturing processes

Completion of Plant Wide Re-certification Under ISO 9001:2008

Our products undergo extensive testing and inspection processes for just one reason - namely, our customers’ satisfaction.

Thermal News December 2014

The History of Durex Industries is an Example of American Vision and Entrepreneurship It is a story of how a company was built with a vision and borrowed money to become a leading supplier of industrial thermal solutions.

Case Studies

----Flange Immersion Heater.o.white.jpg

Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Systems

The Challenge: For one customer, contaminants in a lubrication system were corroding the immersion heater sheath and causing early heater failure.…

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----Metals Processing Heater.jpg

Metals Processing

The Challenge: A parts finishing company was experiencing heater failure problems.…

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----Circulation Heaters.jpg

Winterizing and Freeze Protection

The Challenge: One customer had a washing system pump unit that would experience occasional freeze up if the outside temperature dipped below 0 degrees F.…

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----Process Heating Systems Heater.jpg

Process Heating Systems Case Study

The Challenge: An engineering firm needed freeze protection for eight large contaminated water tanks at a waste remediation site in the northern U.S.…

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----Silicone Rubber Heater Assemblies.jpg

Fluid Warming Application

The Challenge: Since time is critical in many life-saving situations, a medical device design team needed a thermal solution for rapidly heating plasma that is stored in a refrigerated environment.…

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Molecular Analysis Application

The Challenge: A pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic laboratory required decloaking instrumentation with specifications that called for a chamber that could be heated and cooled to precision temperature tolerances with a timing function for controlling the tissue sample dwell times.…

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