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  • Durex Industries Thermal News Winter 2012

    Posted on 2/9/2012

    Durex Industries 2011 in Review

    For Durex Industries, 2011 was a very good year highlighted by continued growth, innovation, and expansion. We successfully expanded our thermal design and manufacturing capabilities to meet growing customer requirements for superior thermal solutions. A few of the highlights were:

    • Standardization of our process heater product line for quick delivery and expanded capability was made possible by moving into our new process product line building.
    • Lean production projects that substantially reduced lead times in our cast, cartridge, and flexible heater product lines.
    • Successful new product launch of DFX circulation heaters, aluminum nitride ceramic heaters, standard panel mount temperature controls, and custom temperature controls.
    • New Durex website that provides potential customers with easy access to product value, technical and application information.

    To paraphrase several Durex employees, “2011 was fun and rewarding because we were part of the company. Our teams have a vision and are implementing it with success.”


    Durex Industries in 2012

    Jim Kreisel, Director Strategic Business Development at Durex Industries, was recently asked what customers should expect to see from Durex in 2012. Jim responded that Durex Industries’ goal is to be the best overall thermal solution supplier in the industrial thermal industry. Durex has come a long way, but we also know that changes need to continue.

    We expect 2012 to be a great year as we continue to implement our 5-year strategic plan. Key initiatives for 2012 include continued lean manufacturing and product line enhancements that will increase speed in servicing customers while reducing their cost of ownership. Expansion of Durex’s flexible heater capabilities will provide technological advantages for customers in medical, analytical, semiconductor, and other industries. (see Flexible Heater article below for more details.) Completion of ASME, UL and other agency approvals will expand the scope of where Durex Thermal Solutions can be applied.

    We encourage customers to visit us to help them understand the scope of Durex’s capabilities and how we can help them grow their business.


    Durex Industries Flexible Heaters

    Flexible Heater is a generic name for several types of industrial heating technologies that are designed to conform to a surface that is being heated. The most common types of flexible heater technologies are silicone rubber, polyimide, heat tapes and rope heaters. Durex specializes in designing and applying silicone
    rubber and polyimide technologies. These heaters are designed to provide excellent temperature uniformity while being robust and reliable for use in medical,
    analytical and industrial applications.

    Silicone rubber heaters are usually made from top and bottom layers of fiberglass re-enforced silicone elastomer insulation that encapsulates either a wire-wound or etch foil heater element. Silicone rubber heaters are an excellent solution for applications that require flexibility and tensile strength up to 428°F (220°C).

    Polyimide heaters are based on a thin polymeric film that encapsulates an etch foil heater element. Polyimide heaters are used for applications requiring light weight and excellent wear and corrosion resistance up to 392°F (200°C). Both silicone rubber and polyimide heaters are excellent solutions for heated part assembly applications that improve thermal performance and reduce assembly costs.

    Durex design and manufacturing expansion is currently in process in order to accommodate growth in our silicone rubber and polyimide heater product lines. Some of the changes include separate manufacturing cells for food service, medical device, analytical instrumentation and semiconductor thermal solutions. The food service cell includes dedicated equipment for vulcanizing silicone heaters to large aluminum panels commonly used in food warming applications. The medical device and analytical instrumentation cell is set up for manufacturing heater assemblies that typically use polyimide heater technologies. The semiconductor cell focuses on capabilities for structured silicone mat and silicone foam insulated heater assemblies.


    Standard Screw Plug Immersion Heaters Shipped in 2 Days!

    Many customers need a combination of engineering support and quick delivery when selecting screw plug immersion heaters. Durex’s 2 day screw plug shipment program gives customers what they want.  By calling our process engineering hot line, customers are connected directly to an application engineer that will assist them with selection of the best screw plug heater for their application.

    See our growing list of standard screw plug heaters at www.durexindustries. com or call a Durex application engineer at 847-462-2610.


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