Cartridge Heaters

----Cartridge Heaters - Tier 1.jpgMagnum™ cartridge heaters are swaged designs, made for use in applications where high watt density, high temperatures and long service life are critical to minimize mold service downtime and expensive press open time. The swaged construction produces a highly compacted cartridge heater that resists shock and vibration, while providing for maximum element life through efficient transfer heating. Magnum cartridge heaters last up to 20 times longer than uncompacted cartridge heaters. UL/CUL Component Recognition Available. Durex will also custom manufacture cartridge heaters to your specifications.


Design Features



----Eighth Inch Cartridge Heaters.jpg

1/8th Inch Cartridge Heaters

The 1/8th Inch (3.175 mm) Magnum™ Cartridge Heater was developed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that required a small but high power thermal solution. Contact us for Engineering Assistance.

----Cartridge Heaters with Integrated Thermocouple.jpg

Cartridge Heaters with Integrated Thermocouple

Cartridge Heaters with integrated thermocouple sensors are used in applications requiring high temperature and watt density heaters. When integrated into a thermal assembly, cartridge heaters are an excellent solution for rapidly heating GC detectors, and MS ion sources and nebulizers. Contact us for Engineering Assistance.

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Cartridge Heaters, Duraslik Non-Stick

The Duraslik non-stick coating eliminates the need for additional release agents to be applied to the heater prior to the insertion. The non-stick coating acts as a corrosion inhibitor and a solid lubricant on the inner diameter of the drilled hole when the heater is energized, allowing for reduced downtime...

----Bolt Heater.jpg

Cartridge Heaters, Bolt Heaters

Bolt heaters are used to tighten large bolts that secure heavy machinery and equipment. The shaft of the heater is inserted into the hollow bolt and energized to expand it, which allows further tightening of the nut. This heater design is manufactured with specific diameter sheaths to fit industry standard...


  • Liquid Immersion
  • Plastic Molds
  • Dies
  • Labeling
  • Medical Equipment
  • Platens
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Hot Stamping
  • Sealing
  • Injection Molding
  • Other, consult Durex Industries


Life Sciences

Understanding the application requirements and having a broad base of potential thermal solutions gives Durex the ability to provide the best thermal answer to most applications.

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Process Industries

We design and manufacture robust heaters, heating systems, sensors, and control systems for process heating applications. Our products are used for a myriad of industrial heating applications and materials including hydraulic fluids, bunker oil, heat transfer fluids, chemicals, water, and air.

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Plastics Processing

As an increasingly competitive market demands higher performance from thermal components, equipment manufacturers repeatedly turn to Durex as the industry leader.

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Durex Industries designs and manufactures precision control components for cooking, holding, and refrigeration processes in foodservice installations around the world.

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Durex Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom thermal solutions for packaging equipment and hot melt adhesive equipment.

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