Flange and Screw Plug Circulation Heaters

----Flange and Screw Plug Circulation Heaters.jpgCirculation heaters (in-line heaters) are an assembly with an immersion heater installed into a mating tank or vessel. The liquid or gas flows through the vessel picking up heat from the immersion heater. The immersion heater consists of hairpin bent tubular heater elements brazed or welded into standard size screw plugs or flanges. The circulation vessel is typically constructed of pipe sections, a mating heater fitting, inlet/outlet nozzles, drain, and insulation shroud. A wide variety of standard designs are available, as well as, custom engineered solutions.

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Design Features

  • Flange circulation heater designs
  • Screw plug circulation heater designs
  • A multitude of standard plug and flange sizes
    • Quick Delivery
  • Flanges to 40" and to ANSI Class 2500lb ratings available
    • Custom fit to demanding application demands
    • Allows for power ratings from 1kW to 1 MW+
  • Copper, steel, SS and Incoloy® materials available
    • Custom tailored to application requirements
  • Integral thermostats or thermocouples available
    • Allows integral control or temperature monitoring
  • UL & CSA recognized elements to 600VAC available
    • Assures safe and reliable performance
  • CSA Hazloc certified terminal enclosures available
    • Compliance to strict safety standards for hazloc areas


  • Air and similar gases
  • Catalyst (re)activation & dehumidification
  • Dry-well tank heaters
  • Fuel oil preheaters
  • Heat transfer systems
  • Hydrocarbon gases
  • Lubrication & conditioning systems
  • Oil suction heaters
  • Steam superheating


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