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Our Durex representatives have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you with your thermal heating requirements. For application assistance, technical advice or if you’d like additional information regarding Durex products, please contact one of our Durex Representatives in an area near you.

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Reps by Territory

  • Durex Industries Northwest
    Tel: 503-705-1231
  • Durex Industries Southwest
    Tel: 714-343-8138
  • Durex Industries Mountain West
    Tel: 847-462-2699
  • Durex Industries Texas/Louisiana
    Tel: 512-947-7754
  • Durex Industries Upper Midwest
    Tel: 847-997-5443
  • Durex Industries Eastern Midwest
    Tel: 847-997-2074
  • Durex Industries Michigan
    Tel: 847-997-2074
  • Durex Industries Ohio Valley
    Tel: 513-225-0813
  • Durex Industries Appalachia
    GLD Company
    Tel: 724-523-6144
  • Durex Industries Upstate New York
    Tel: 847-462-2655
  • Durex Industries New England
    IES Technical Sales
    Tel: 978-777-2900
  • Durex Industries New York Metro
    Prime Industrial
    Tel: 201-262-9090
  • Durex Industries Mid-Atlantic
    215-284-9000 or 610-659-3307
  • Durex Industries Southeast

    Florida, Atlanta Metro, Eastern North Carolina
    Advance Technology Systems
    Tel: 800-717-0287

    Western North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia except Atlanta Metro
    Advance Technology Systems
    Tel: 864-580-1390

    Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
    Advance Technology Systems
    Tel: 256-504-7008

  • Durex Industries Heartland
    Tel: 847-462-2655
  • Durex Industries Oklahoma
    Tel: 918-663-6625
  • Durex Industries Northeast Ohio
    GLD Company
    Tel: 724-523-6144
  • Durex Industries Central & Western Canada
    Tel: 847-462-2699
  • Durex Industries Atlantic Canada
    Plastics Industry
    Tel: 847-462-2699
  • Durex Industries International
    Tel: 847-462-2699

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