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----process.jpgDurex Industries applies its industrial experience and technical expertise to manufacture a complete line of resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple sensor assemblies. We have a wide variety of products suited for use in furnace applications and industrial processes as well as sanitary sensors for the food and beverage industry. Stock and standard design sensors provide same day deliveries. Custom engineered sensor probes and assemblies can tackle the toughest industrial process and OEM applications.

Industrial process applications include chemical and petrochemical processing, metal treating, power generation, waste treatment, and diesel engine testing.    Also, see Durex' complementary process heater solutions.

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Temperature Sensor Element Selection Guide


----Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples TP Styles

Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples

Durex' TP style thermocouple protection tubes are typically used in heavy-duty industrial environments that require heavy-duty base metal protection tube thermocouple assemblies.

----Base Metal Thermocouple Replacement Elements

Base Metal Thermocouple Replacement Elements

The TEBA and TEBD style thermocouple temperature sensors are base metal replacement elements for all ceramic or metal protection tube assemblies.

----Base Metal Thermowell Assemblies TDW Styles

Base Metal Thermowell Assemblies

TDW style thermowells are manufactured from drilled bar stock and have threaded NPT process connections or flanges for direct immersion into high pressure or corrosive applications. The thermocouple element is mounted into the thermowell and is typically spring loaded for positive contact to the bottom wall of the well.

----Mineral Insulated Thermocouples TDC Styles

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Durex' TDC style mineral insulated thermocouple probes are manufactured with compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation housed in a stainless steel or alloy sheath that protects the thermocouple element from the application's environment.

----Platinum (Noble Metal) Thermocouples

Platinum (Noble Metal) Thermocouples

In high temperature and corrosive environments, Durex' noble metals, also called platinum, thermocouple probe assemblies are designed for greater robustness and accuracy than can normally be achieved with base metal thermocouples.

----Platinum (Noble Metal) Thermocouple Replacement Elements

Platinum (Noble Metal) Thermocouple Replacement Elements

The TENE style thermocouple is a noble metal element designed as a replacement for high temperature protection tube assemblies.

----Resistance Temperature Detector Thermowells

Resistance Temperature Detector Thermowells

RW style resistance temperature detector thermowells are available in various element types and wiring configurations. Cast iron or aluminum screw cover heads are commonly used to terminate the thermowell assemblies, however other head options are available.

----Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors

Sanitary RTDs - Resistance Temperature Detectors

RS Style resistance temperature detector sensor probes with sanitary connections are commonly used in the food and dairy industries. These fittings are welded to the stainless steel sheath and polished to meet 3-A Sanitary Council Standards.

----Thermocouple Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Assembly

Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Assembly

Silicon carbide protection tube sensor assemblies feature a silicon carbide protection tube along with an inner ceramic tube for additional protection of the sensing element.

----Thermocouple Replacement Protection Tubes

Thermocouple Replacement Protection Tubes

Replacement ceramic protection tubes or replacement metal protection tubes are available.


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