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  • Electric Heaters

    Durex Industries is a highly recognized supplier of electric heaters for a variety of industries worldwide. From cast heaters for plastics extruders to the most advanced contact thermal products used in the production of semiconductors. Durex offers a comprehensive array of electric heater products, both industry standard and custom designs, to suit virtually any thermal processing equipment.

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    • SENTINEL® Heater and Insulation Systems
      SENTINEL® Heater and Insulation Systems
      Durex Industries’ SENTINEL® High R-Value Heater and Insulation Systems is a turnkey thermal solution for PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD, ALD, plasma etch and other vacuum applications. Low vapor pressure gas delivery lines need to be held at a temperature higher than the gas vaporization point in order to prevent condensation that will affect process yields. Vacuum…
    • Immersion Heaters
      Immersion Heaters
      Durex Industries has over 30 years of experience in the application, design and manufacturer of robust tubular immersion heaters and process assemblies. We have thousands of standard designs for quick field replacements and convenient ordering. Durex also has extensive experience with custom designed electric immersion heaters for tank, reservoir and…
    • Aluminum Nitride and Alumina Ceramic Heaters
      Aluminum Nitride and Alumina Ceramic Heaters
      Small in size but mighty in power! Rapid Fire™ Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Heaters Durex industries’ Rapid Fire aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic heater solutions combine the thermal conductivity of aluminum and dielectric strength of specialty ceramics with physical properties similar to stainless steel. Additionally, a tungsten (W) RTD Sensor is integrated…
    • Cast In Heaters
      Cast In Heaters
      Durex designs cast-in heaters of aluminum and bronze for various heating applications in industries, such as Semiconductor and Plastics Processing, Packaging Machinery, Foodservice, Paper Processing, Hot Melt Adhesives, Medical Equipment, Heat Transfer Presses and Textile Manufacturing.   Our foundry's production capabilities range from large quantities of simple platens to complex…
    • Cast In Platen Heaters
      Cast In Platen Heaters
      Platen heaters are a versatile cast-in design that can be adapted to a myriad of applications. Typical uses are heat transfer presses, foodservice equipment, die heaters, packaging equipment, and commercial pre-heaters. Contact us for Engineering Assistance.
    • Circulation Heaters
      Circulation Heaters
      Circulation heaters, also referred to as "in-line heaters" are used for heating flowing liquids and gases.  Non-pressurized or highly pressurized fluids can be heated very effectively using either direct or indirect circulation heating.  A wide variety of standard designs and custom engineered power ratings, sizes, flow capacities and options are…
    • Cartridge Heaters
      Cartridge Heaters
      Magnum™ cartridge heaters are swaged designs, made for use in applications where high watt density, high temperatures and long service life are critical to minimize mold service downtime and expensive press open time. The swaged construction produces a highly compacted unit that resists shock and vibration, while providing for maximum…
    • Coil Heaters
      Coil Heaters
      Durex coil heaters feature continuous operating temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C). Rapid heating and cooling occur, due to the low mass construction. All heating elements are sealed from contamination and the stainless steel sheath provides maximum corrosion resistance. An optional internal thermocouple may be utilized for overtemp control. Contact us for Engineering…
    • Duct Air Heaters
      Duct Air Heaters
      Rugged Durex duct air heaters are well suited for the needs of many heavy duty industrial applications.  Incoloy® tubular heater elements for long life and durability.  We construct high tensile strength cages to support heater elements in larger, higher temperature units to ensure proper performance.  The optimal sheath material and…
    • Flexible Silicone Rubber and Kapton® Heaters
      Flexible Silicone Rubber and Kapton® Heaters
      Durex Industries flexible heating elements are providing customers their optimal thermal solution in over twenty different OEM markets. Durex’s unique approach to flexible heating elements optimizes the product’s design to meet the customer’s most important requirements. This collaborative process, based on extensive experience with complex OEM product roll outs, assures that both business…
    • High Temperature Etched Foil Mica Heaters
      High Temperature Etched Foil Mica Heaters
      Durex high temperature etched foil mica heaters provide uniform heat with fast response for applications up to 1112°F (600°C).  A distributed wattage etch foil heater element is bonded between high temperature mica sheath material. Heaters must be clamped. The heaters can be easily designed with custom shapes that match the…
    • Hollow Cast Nozzle Heaters
      Hollow Cast Nozzle Heaters
      The Hollow Cast nozzle heater design was developed by Durex to provide a maximum efficiency heating device for plastic molders. Utilizing casting technology, a high performance mineral insulated heater is cast-in a bronze or aluminum alloy and machined for a precision fit onto the injection nozzle. Contact us for Engineering…
    • Mineral Insulated Cable Heaters
      Mineral Insulated Cable Heaters
      Mineral insulated cable heaters can be formed to a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can deliver high temperatures to areas where standard heaters are impractical due to size or space restrictions. Cable heaters can be formed to cover cylindrical areas that require uniform heat patterns. Custom-formed cable heaters are transitioned…
    • Process Heating Skid Systems
      Process Heating Skid Systems
      Durex has the engineering, design and manufacturing capability to provide value-added heater system solutions. Circulation heaters, duct heaters and DFX cast circulation heaters can be skid mounted for ease of installation at the job site. In addition, Durex can incorporate and interconnect control panels to drive the heaters and ancillaries…
    • Tubular Heating Elements
      Tubular Heating Elements
      Highly versatile and economical Durex custom manufactured tubular heater elements are applied in virtually every conceivable type of heating application. They can be applied straight or bent into complex formations. They can be reliably applied to heat a multitude of liquids, gases, and solids. Tubular heating elements are also used for…
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