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  • Temperature Sensors

    Durex Industries offers the widest range of engineered temperature sensors for thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor applications. We have a wide variety of products suited for use in furnace applications, industrial processing, as well as sanitary sensors for the food and beverage industry. Our custom engineered sensor probes and assemblies can tackle the toughest industrial process and OEM applications. Plus, our stock and standard design sensors are available for same day delivery. 

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    • Industrial Process Thermocouples
      Industrial Process Thermocouples
      Durex Industries manufactures a wide selection of industrial process thermocouples to meet the requirements of the most demanding process applications in the world such as steel processing, turbine and diesel engine temperature measurement, and chemical processing. In addition, Durex Industries also manufactures thermocouples that are built for commercial applications such…
    • Custom Application Sensors
      Custom Application Sensors
      Durex Industries can manufacture a custom sensor for most any application. Special requirements such as vibration, caustic environments, high-pressure, extreme temperatures or specific agency specifications can be designed into the construction of temperature sensors by Durex engineering. 
Whether you have a current drawing or are starting with a blank piece…
    • Plastics Industry Sensors
      Plastics Industry Sensors
      Durex manufactures a complete line of thermocouples that are specifically designed for use in the plastics processing industry. These thermocouples are typically ANSI type J or type K calibration and consist of a flexible thermocouple conductor that is insulated with fiberglass. Designs utilize industry standard bayonet fittings or threaded fittings…
    • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)
      Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)
      For high-accuracy temperature measurements in a variety of industrial and commercial air and gas applications, Durex Industries offers RTD’s of multiple elements and styles. Durex RTD’s are available with an assortment of connections, mounting hardware, and enclosures to suit harsh chemical, immersion, and other heavy-duty requirements. Sealed leadwire transitions eliminate…
    • Temperature Sensor Accessories
      Temperature Sensor Accessories
      All the “extras” needed to complete your thermal processing installation are available from Durex. A complete line of sensor accessories are available from our stock for immediate shipping. We guarantee the same Durex application assistance and service will support all these products is use at your company.
    • Temperature Transmitters
      Temperature Transmitters
      Durex offers a programmable Universal Temperature Transmitter for mounting in DIN  B Sensor Head connected to any Type Thermocouple, RTD or mV signal with 4-20mA analog 2-wire output. Contact us for Engineering assistance or visit our Online Store to place your order.
    • Thermistor Assemblies
      Thermistor Assemblies
      Thermistors are thermally sensitive resistors that exhibit a large change in resistance when subjected to changes in environment temperature. Thermistors have either a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) or a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC). Although these assemblies can be designed for temperature ranges up to 300°C, they are typically used in…
    • Sensing Elements
      Sensing Elements
      Durex Industries now offers a line of standard platinum, capacitive humidity, flow, conductivity, digital temperature, analog temperature and digital humidity sensing elements.  Also available are capacitive humidity modules and pre-assembled temperature probes. These sensing elements cover requirements for system integrators in the process control, building automation, test & measurement, medical,…
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