Ohm's Law – Single
Ohm's Law – Triple (Delta)
Ohm's Law – Triple (Wye)
Heat Energy Requirements
Wattage Requirements
  • Custom Application Sensors

    Durex Industries can manufacture a custom sensor for most any application. Special requirements such as vibration, caustic environments, high-pressure, extreme temperatures or specific agency specifications can be designed into the construction of temperature sensors by Durex engineering. 
Whether you have a current drawing or are starting with a blank piece of paper, Durex can supply the thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, or thermistor you need.

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    • Air Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Air Resistance Temperature Detectors
      The perforated tip of the air resistance temperature detector is designed for rapid monitoring of airflow temperature in various applications. Small film elements used in these housings can detect incremental changes more quickly than conventional housings. This construction can also be adapted to include special flanges and fittings, as well…
    • Flexible Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Flexible Resistance Temperature Detectors
      When a resistance temperature detector needs to "snake" through an installation because of space limitations or other factors, Durex Industries offers flexible elements with overbraid shielding or armor to suit the specifics of your application.
    • Food Service Probes
      Food Service Probes
      Accuracy and reliability are the main requirements for these temperature probes designed for use in the foodservice industry. Robust designs that can handle the rigors of the industry are essential for long term performance. Durex has manufactured a wide variety of temperature sensors specifically for use in commercial cooking and…
    • Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Assemblies with sanitary connections are commonly used in the food and dairy industries. These fittings are welded to the stainless steel sheath and polished to meet 3-A Sanitary Council Standards. The highly polished finish prevents the growth of bacteria or other corrosive accumulation that might otherwise develop on standard assembly…
    • Adhesive Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Adhesive Resistance Temperature Detectors
      If the surface being measured for temperature cannot be penetrated or if space limitations require it, Durex can provide an RTD with an adhesive patch for direct surface mounting. We routinely provide such sensors with special adhesive to accommodate temperature and vapor release requirements.
    • Silicone Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Silicone Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Utilizing the same technology as a sealed silicone rubber heater, Durex offers a surface mount RTD sensor for direct mounting to flat or curved surfaces. The design can be manufactured in various thicknesses and supplied with an adhesive backing for quick application. A thinner profile can be used to wrap…
    • Hand Held Temperature Probes
      Hand Held Temperature Probes
      Durex manufactures a line of multi-purpose hand held temperature probes for foodservice, industrial process, and laboratory applications. Temperature Probe features include handles of stainless steel, Teflon, or plastic and coil cord leadwires that can be constructed to withstand ambient temperatures up to 400°F. Standard designs include a mini plug connector,…
    • Teflon-coated Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Teflon-coated Resistance Temperature Detectors
      Resistance Temperature Detectors are available with Teflon coated sheaths for applications that require contact temperature measurement in corrosive or chemical environments. The Teflon coating can be applied directly to the sheath of the resistance temperature detector, providing protection while minimizing effects to response. In applications that require considerable long-term protection,…

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