Silicone Rubber Heaters

----Silicone Rubber Heaters.jpgDurex's silicone rubber heaters take advantage of the unique properties of silicone rubber to provide heating elements of unparalleled performance. Silicone rubber is calendared onto fiberglass cloth in a variety of thicknesses and constructions which serves as the basis for Durex's silicone heating elements. Generally two layers of material containing an etched foil element or a precision wire wound element are vulcanized together to form a basic silicone rubber heating element.


Design Features:

  • High di-electric strength and resistance to di-electric fatigue
  • Ozone, weather, and chemical resistant
  • Flame retardant and non-toxic
  • Low outgassing with no sulfur or nitrogen to create hazardous compounds that are prevalent in organic rubbers
  • Proven thermal stability


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