Tubular Heating Elements

----Tubular Heating Elements.jpgHighly versatile and economical Durex custom manufactured tubular heater elements are applied in virtually every conceivable type of heating application. They can be applied straight or bent into complex formations. They can be reliably applied to heat a multitude of liquids, gases, and solids. Tubular heating elements are also used for radiant heating in open air or in vacuum atmospheres. They can be cast into, or clamped on to, metal to form heated parts. Durex Industries' application and design engineering team are available to assist in specifying the proper tubular heater configuration.

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Design Features:


  • Precision helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wire provides uniform thermal profile
  • Circumferential cold pin-to-wire fusion weld ensures robust connection for long heater life
  • Compacted, high purity MgO dielectric insulation extends resistance wire life at high temperatures
  • Recompacted bends provides longer life by ensuring insulation integrity
  • UL & CSA recognized elements assures safe and reliable performance



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Straight Tubular Heating Elements

Durex manufactures standard tubular heating elements for any application. Tubular heating elements are a versatile and economical heat source for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Standard diameters are .260", .315", .375", .430", .496", and .625". Other special sizes are available. Depending on the diameter, lengths can be...

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Formed Tubular Heating Elements

Custom heating elements can be provided to any length, formed into any configuration and sheathed in a variety of different materials to suit your application. Likewise, the connection/termination possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the availability of components. Standard terminations include threaded stud, threaded bulk-head, screw lug, quick...

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Manifold Tubular Heaters

Durotube™ manifold tubular heating elements provide an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. These elements are commonly used to fit into milled grooves for hot runner molding systems. The precision fit optimizes heat transfer to the working surface. Durex can provide formed elements "ready to go" into your existing channel...


  • Metal mold, die and platen heating
  • Medical and analytical device heating
  • Cast into metal parts and platens
  • Cut and seal heads on packaging equipment
  • Tank wall and pipe heating
  • Liquid immersion & circulation heaters
  • Furnace & oven heating
  • Comfort heating and freeze protection
  • Process air and gas heating
  • Thermoforming, curing, drying

Tubular Heater Application Guidelines


Process Industries

We design and manufacture robust heaters, heating systems, sensors, and control systems for process heating applications. Our products are used for a myriad of industrial heating applications and materials including hydraulic fluids, bunker oil, heat transfer fluids, chemicals, water, and air.

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Semiconductor Processing

Durex Industries is the Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Equipment Industry's premier supplier of high performance radiant, convection, and conduction thermal solutions.

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Plastics Processing

As an increasingly competitive market demands higher performance from thermal components, equipment manufacturers repeatedly turn to Durex as the industry leader.

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Durex Industries designs and manufactures precision control components for cooking, holding, and refrigeration processes in foodservice installations around the world.

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Durex Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom thermal solutions for packaging equipment and hot melt adhesive equipment.

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