Adjustable Melt Bolt Thermocouples

The TAM1 style standard assembly consists of a 1/8" Outer Diameter MgO insulated type "J" thermocouple in a stainless steel sheath. The body is stainless steel with a 1/2" - 20 UNF-2A thread. A thermal barrier reduces heat transfer from body to the thermocouple. Other parts include a packing seal, compression barrel nut, hex adjusting screw, and a polarized quick-disconnect male plug. Standard immersion is adjustable from flush to 1". Standard body lengths are 3", 4", and 6" measured from the beginning of wrench flats to the bolt tip. The adjustable plastic melt thermocouple has a movable probe activated by an inner screw mechanism. The temperature probe can be immersed into or withdrawn from the plastic melt stream while the extruder eliminates thermocouple breakage at startup and prevents hang-up. The thermocouple is self-cleaning, as it is retracted into the body any film formed on it is scraped off.

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Part Number Sequence

Example:  TAM1-JG-040

TAM1TC Type + Junction - "L" Dimension

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