Base Metal Thermocouple Replacement Elements

The TEBA and TEBD style base metal thermocouple replacement elements for all ceramic or metal protection tube assemblies. The TEAB style thermocouple sensor is a replacement element for the TPA 90° angle protection tube thermocouple assembly.

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Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEBA-JB-080022H0

TEBA - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element Gauge + 00 + "L" DimensionTermination



Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEBD-JB-081M22H0

TEBD - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element GaugeInsulator TypeInsulator Material"L" Dimension + Termination



Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEAB-JB-1412D-32M

TEAB - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element Gauge"L" Dimension"A" Dimension

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