Base Metal Thermocouple Replacement Elements

The TEBA and TEBD style thermocouple temperature sensors are base metal replacement elements for all ceramic or metal protection tube assemblies. The TEAB style thermocouple sensor is a replacement element for the TPA 90° angle protection tube thermocouple assembly.

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Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEBA-JB-080022H0

TEBA - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element Gauge + 00 + "L" DimensionTermination



Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEBD-JB-081M22H0

TEBD - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element GaugeInsulator TypeInsulator Material"L" Dimension + Termination



Part Number Sequence

Example:  TEAB-JB-1412D-32M

TEAB - TC TypeJunction TypeBare Element Gauge"L" Dimension"A" Dimension

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