Hot Melt Adhesive System Cast Heaters

A manufacturer of hot melt adhesive systems used in carton closing and other packaging equipment was looking for an alternative to "traditional types" of heater technologies for heating its adhesives.
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Our Solution: We supplied two types of cast heating technologies. One type is used for large volume flow systems. It consists of a cast "manifold type" heater and is designed in the system so that the adhesive actually flows past and over the heaters. This provides quick heating, but without over temping and damaging the adhesive. The second type of heater for smaller systems was the DFX heat exchanger. In this case, the adhesive flows through the seamless flow tube that is cast into a compact, lightweight aluminum casing. This provides pinpoint heating just prior to dispensing.

The Results: The innovations in custom heater technology allowed this customer to differentiate his equipment in the marketplace.

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