Record Size Cast Aluminum Heater

Cast Aluminum Heater.jpgSome applications are a lot of fun and create a sense of pride within the engineering and manufacturing team. The largest cast aluminum heater ever manufactured by Durex Industries is an example of successfully pushing the limits to provide our customer with a winning thermal solution.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recently had an application for a robust thermal solution used for amalgamation of large industrial parts. The OEM’s past experience, using formed tubular heaters pressed into mill groove aluminum plates, did not meet their temperature uniformity or robustness objectives.

Durex Industries accepted the challenge. The application requirements were solved by designing and manufacturing a large cast-in aluminum heater thermal solution. A cast-in aluminum heater is a precision formed cable or tubular heater that is cast into an aluminum form. Precision thermal uniformity results from thermal analysis of the heater layout, mechanical dimensions, thermal conductivity of aluminum and other boundary conditions.

Durex’ solution was truly unique. Weighing over 1,500 pounds, this 75,000 watt cast-in aluminum heater is capable of operating at a high temperature and meets temperature uniformity requirements. The Durex Industries Engineering and Manufacturing Team pictured above was obviously proud of their accomplishment, and the OEM is delighted with the solution.

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