Cast In Heater Specifications

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Cast Materials MaximumOperating Temperature
Aluminum 443 800°F (427°C)
Aluminum 319/356 700°F (371°C)
Bronze / Copper Alloys 1400°F (769°C)
Iron 900°F (482°C)

If required, other cast materials are available.

Cast Processes - Durocast™ perm-mold system uses steel permanent molds. No bake sand system for special castings and short production runs.

Machine Finish - CNC machining is performed for tight tolerances and complex configurations. Milled finishes are provided per specification. Belt sanding, lapping and polishing available to meet application specifications.

Standard Machine Finish Range: 64 to 125 rms.

Fine Finish Per Specifications: 8 to 32 rms.

Standard Flatness: Belt sanded, .015, Milled .005, Lapped, .001

Holes, Cutouts, Thermowells - Mounting or clearance holes, cutouts and thermowells, for inserting temperature measurement probes, cast-in or machined per your specifications.

Inserts - Threaded studs, precision component parts, bushings and special design parts cast acccurately in place.

Electrical - Resistance tolerance NEMA standard +10% -%5


Element diameter .200 .260 .315 .430 .475
Maximum volts 240 240 277 600 600

Three phase available on large heaters. Maximum watt densities depends on size and application. Consult a Durex Engineer.

UL Component Recognition - DA Series cast in heaters are recognized per file E110394.



Cast In Heater Specifications - 226KB (PDF)