Cast-In Platen Heaters

----Cast in Platen Heater imageDurex designs and manufactures custom cast-in platen heaters. Platen heaters are a versatile cast-in design that can be adapted to a myriad of applications. Typical uses are heat transfer presses, foodservice equipment, die heaters, packaging equipment, and commercial pre-heaters.

Manufactured from aluminum or bronze alloys, the platen heater consists of a tubular heating element that is designed and formed to provide maximum efficiency and temperature uniformity on the working surface of the casting. The platens can also be designed with integral cooling tubes or as stand-alone cooling platens for chilling applications. The working surface of the platen heater can be supplied with various machined finishes to customer specifications. Durex can also provide a ground surface for stringent flat surface requirements. In addition, surface coatings of electroless nickel, Teflon®, and hard-coat anodizing can be applied per application requirements.

Mounting options can be cast in the design of the platen or machined as a secondary process. These options include threaded stand-offs, cast-in anchors, ribbed back supports, tapped holes, and mounting slots. Electrical terminations can be threaded terminals, flexible wire, three-prong electrical plugs, or NEMA housings. Durex manufactures all platen designs to customer specification. Engineering assistance is available to help create a new design or modify your existing one using our FEA analysis profiles and rapid prototype simulations.

----Platens-Top-Bottom.pngDesign Features:

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Heater Specifications

Cast Materials Maximum Operating Temperatures
Aluminum 443 800°F (427°C)
Aluminum 319/356 700°F (371°C)
Bronze / Copper Alloys 1400°F (769°C)
Iron 900°F (482°C)

If required, other cast materials are available.

Cast Processes - Durocast™ perm-mold system uses steel permanent molds. No bake sand system for special castings and short production runs.

Machine Finish - CNC machining is performed for tight tolerances and complex configurations. Milled finishes are provided per specification. Belt sanding, lapping and polishing available to meet application specifications.

Standard Machine Finish Range: 64 to 125 rms.

Fine Finish Per Specifications: 8 to 32 rms.

Standard Flatness: Belt sanded, .015, Milled .005, Lapped, .001

Holes, Cutouts, Thermowells - Mounting or clearance holes, cutouts and thermowells, for inserting temperature measurement probes, cast-in or machined per your specifications.

Inserts - Threaded studs, precision component parts, bushings and special design parts cast acccurately in place.

Electrical - Resistance tolerance NEMA standard +10% -%5

Element Diameter .200 .260 .315 .430 .475
Maximum Voltage 240 240 277 600 600

Three phase available on large heaters. Maximum watt densities depends on size and application. Consult a Durex Engineer.

UL Component Recognition - DA Series cast in heaters are recognized per file E110394.


  • Electrical per UL 499 and UL 1030
  • Canadian Standard C22.2 No.72
  • Dimensional per specifications using Coordinate Measure Machine
  • Quality standard per MIL-Q_9858A

Electrical Data



  • The energy put out by a heating unit is measured in watts.
  • The power factor is always unity.





Cooling Tube Terminations

Electrical Terminations

Protective Housing

Heater Special Services

Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

  • Heat Transfer Presses
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Die Heaters
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Commercial Pre-Heaters

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