Temperature Controllers for Foodservice Ovens

----Custom Temperature Controllers.jpgA Foodservice Equipment Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) had a strategic business initiative to design their next generation Cook and Hold Oven. The target market for the oven was catering and restaurant businesses that serve large quantities of tenderized meats.

Typically, the meat is slow roasted at a moderate temperature for 10 or more hours before it is switched to a holding temperature until being served to their customers. Cooking temperature, time, and hold temperature are critical for food taste, consistency, and safety.

The OEM's previous oven design used discrete temperature controllers and timers that had to be individually programmed for each recipe. The specifications for the new oven called for an integration of the individual controllers and electro-mechanical devices into a single cooking computer. This new design would have the capability of storing multiple recipes that could be easily accessed for different types and volumes of food. Digital indication of time and temperature were required for the chef's usability.

Our Solution: Durex Industries was engaged to design and manufacture the cooking computer because of their expertise in temperature controllers and cooking computers used in foodservice equipment. The OEM's project was on a fast track, as they were scheduled to present the oven to a restaurant chain that was planning to roll out a new menu.

The Results: Our Quick Development (QD) process was used to reduce design time through a modular design methodology that paralleled the OEM's schedule. The QD process allowed us to deliver fully functional prototypes in six weeks, with preproduction cooking computers in 12 weeks. The OEM finished their project on schedule and below cost. The cooking computers are now being used in catering and restaurants.

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