Cryogenic Chamber Polyimide Heater Solution

----Cryogenic Chamber Polyimide Heater.jpgA major scientific research laboratory received a grant to study the effects of sun under specific atmospheric, physical and chemical conditions. The study required a cryogenic chamber for freezing specimens within a narrow temperature range. The variable test conditions would result in a rapid temperature decrease beyond the test parameters and compromise the test results. In order to stabilize the cryogenic chamber temperature, the physicists needed a method to add controlled heat.

Our solution: Durex application engineers worked closely with the research laboratory physicists. By knowing the dynamic cooling effect of test conditions, it was determined that the heating solution would require a very fast uniform response. Our recommendation was to heat the walls of the cryogenic chamber with polyimide heaters. A Kapton/polyimide type heater was selected because the heaters have minimum mass and could be designed with a distributed watt density to provide a uniform temperature throughout the chamber. The engineers modeled the thermal profile using computational analysis tools in order to determine the optimum wattage and heat pattern.

The results: By understanding the application parameters and using computational design tools, Durex engineers designed a set of polyimide heaters that provided fast and uniform temperature response. As the scientists anticipated, the heater performance was critical in providing a stable temperature profile within the cryogenic chamber. The study is continuing at the time of this writing.

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