OEM Plus Program

The OEM PLUS program from Durex Industries, a value-added offering to select OEM accounts.

The details of the OEM Plus program include the following options to various levels which are determined by customer requirements:

Preferred Delivery: Our OEM customers receive priority delivery on new requirements or emergency outages. In many cases, parts are delivered the next day.

Factory Stock: Our factory maintains stock levels of finished goods at pre-determined demand levels to satisfy all production requirements.

Consigned Product: Durex provides customer site consignment programs or Kanban driven finished parts programs to adequate production support levels.

Freight Discounts: Use our freight carriers and receive our discounts. Durex truck delivery is available for 25 mile radius OEM customers.

Assigned Customer Service Representatives: Our OEM Plus customers are assigned to specific CSR's for integral data processing and continuity of service.

Payment Discounts or Extended Terms: 2/10, N30 or longer terms as negotiated are part of our offering to our preferred OEM customers.

Weekly Order Reporting: Open order reports, production status, invoice reports, stock levels, and other integrated reports are available to our OEM customers on a weekly basis. Paper or email, your choice.

Private Labeling: All components manufactured for our preferred OEM customers are private labeled individually and can be bar-coded in bulk.

Rapid Prototyping: Our engineering staff integrates with our OEM customers for rapid prototype development with as much on-site support as necessary, no additional charge.

Tangible Engineering Services: Solidworks drawings and 3D modeling equipment allow our engineering staff to provide replicated parts and tooling for cast prototypes.

Life Cycle Testing: 24/7 thermal cycling stations with data recording provides on-going life testing under extreme conditions to prove designs or verify construction details of current designs.

FEA Analysis: Algor software is used by our engineering staff to provide finite element analysis simulation and optimized product designs.

In-House X-Ray Verification: On-site x-ray capability with digital viewing and storage for instant analysis of product condition or testing verification.

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