Durexium™ Melt Bolt Sensor Coating

Durexium Melt Bolt Sensor CoatingDurex Industries is pleased to offer Durexium™, a multilayer coating option for all melt bolt style temperature sensors. This multilayer coating consists of 16 different layers of Titanium Nitride and Zirconium Nitride, which is using a cathodic arc PVD process at a temperature of 800 °F.

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  • Increase wear life of sensor by up to 12 times
  • Helps prevent material buildup on measuring surface
  • Improves ease of bolt removal
  • Available on all styles of Durex Melt Bolt Sensors
The alternating layers produce a synergistic effect that results in a Vickers hardness of over 4400 Hv. This enhanced hardness combined with the coatings superior abrasion resistance and lubricity results in wear life of up to 12 times longer than typical non-coated sensors. This option has been shown to be especially effective when extruding or molding plastics reinforced with glass fiber or other abrasive materials. Durexium™ coating has also been proven to be effective in extremely abrasive pet food extrusion equipment resulting in a drastic improvement in wear life over non-coated sensors.
Durexium Chart

Durexium available on following sensors.

Thermocouple - TPM0P or RTD - RM0P
Durexium TPM0P and RM0P Drawing


Thermocouple - TPM1P or RTD - RM1P

Durexium TPM1P and RM1P Drawing

Thermocouple - TPM2P or RTD - RM2P

Durexium TPM2P and RM2P Drawing

Thermocouple - TPM3P or RTD - RM3P

Durexium TPM3P and RM3P Drawing

Thermocouple - TPM4P or RTD - RM4P

Durexium TPM4P and RM4P Drawing

Thermocouple - TPM5P or RTD - RM5P

Durexium TPM5P and RM5P Drawing

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