Flexible Heater Technologies

Durex Industries custom flexible silicone rubber and Kapton® polyimide based heater technologies provide customers with optimal thermal solution in temperature applications up to 200°C (392°F). Durex' unique approach to electric flexible heaters optimizes the thermal assembly design to meet our customers' most important requirements. This collaborative process, based on extensive experience with complex 3-dimensional OEM products, assures that both business and technical requirements are optimized in the flexible heater design.  Typical applications include aerospace probe de-icing, instrument panel (electronics) drying, and security and infra-red de-fogging.

Silicone Rubber Heaters

----Silicone Rubber Heaters-AerospaceDurex Industries custom silicone rubber heater assemblies take advantage of the unique flexible, lightweight and moisture resistant properties of silicone rubber to provide unparalleled performance.  Silicone rubber is calendared onto fiberglass cloth in a variety of thicknesses and constructions which serves as the basis for Durex' flexible silicone rubber heaters. Generally, two layers of material containing an etched foil element or a precision wire wound element are vulcanized together to form a basic silicone rubber heating element.   Silicone rubber heater assemblies are used in applications ranging from battery warming to military instrumentation.

Kapton® (polyimide) Heaters

----Kapton-Polyimide Heaters-Aerospace-Defense-SecurityLightweight Kapton® heaters (polyimide heaters) offer superior moisture resistance, tensile strength and tear resistance, with precision heat distribution. They are ideal for extreme temperature environments such as satellites, unmanned aircraft and optical security applications. Electric Kapton heaters are constructed of a flexible lightweight organic polymer thin film with high dielectric capabilities, while providing superior resistance to most solvents, oils, even radiation.

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