Foodservice Equipment Industry Temperature Sensors

Foodservice Equipment Industry Temperature Sensors

Restaurants and institutional food preparation and cooking require robust equipment that is easy to use with tight temperature accuracy and repeatability. Temperature sensing and measurement are critical for consistent cooking results in fryers, griddles, ovens, steamers, ware washing and other essential foodservice equipment.   Durex designs and manufactures precision and robust resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple sensor assemblies for all types of foodservice equipment.  As a result, Durex temperature sensor assemblies are found in restaurant chains, full-service restaurants, and institutional kitchens.

The hallmarks of Durex' Foodservice Equipment resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple sensor assemblies are temperature accuracy, fast thermal response, design robustness, and repeatable manufacturing.   Working closely with our customers' engineering, Durex designs temperature sensor assemblies that meet their performance and business objectives.

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----General Purpose Thermocouples

General Purpose Thermocouples (Tube & Wire)

TGU style general purpose thermocouple probes, sometimes referred to as Tube and Wire Thermocouple Probes, are available in many standard and custom configurations.  These are economical thermocouple assemblies that usually consist of a soft insulated fiberglass or Teflon wire that is housed in a stainless steel tube.

----Hand Held Temperature Probes RN Style

Hand Held Temperature Probes

Durex manufactures a line of multi-purpose hand held resistance temperature detector probes for foodservice, industrial process, and laboratory applications. RN style RTD temperature probe features include handles of stainless steel, Teflon, or plastic and coil cord leadwires that can be constructed to withstand ambient temperatures up to 400°F.

----IC Temperature Sensors

IC Temperature Sensors

High-precision, easily calibrated integrated circuit (IC) temperature sensors operate over a wide current range with consistent performance. Operate in -55°C to +150°C range. Low impedance and linear output easily interface to readout or control circuitry.

----Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Durex' TDC style mineral insulated thermocouple probes are manufactured with compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation housed in a stainless steel or alloy sheath that protects the thermocouple element from the application's environment.

----Resistance Temperature Detectors with Leadwire

RTD with Lead Wire or Fixed Fittings

The R1 RTD sensor style with probe & lead wire. R2 RTD sensor style with fixed fitting. The RTD sensor of choice for temperature measurement applications due to the accuracy and long term stability.

----Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors

Sanitary Resistance Temperature Detectors

RS style resistance temperature detector sensor probes with sanitary connections are commonly used in the food and dairy industries. These fittings are welded to the stainless steel sheath and polished to meet 3-A Sanitary Council Standards.

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