High Velocity Air Cooled Shroud System

----High Velocity Air Cooled Shroud System.jpgGive your machine the look and performance it deserves with a High Velocity Air Cooled Shroud System!

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Shroud System Features:

  • Highly engineered design saves time and effort through ease of installation
  • Elegant exterior construction enhances look of your machine or plant location
  • Internal baffle system directs airflow for maximum efficiency
  • Reinforced blower mount constructed to handle high CFM requirements
  • External shell heavy-duty wire mesh prevents operator contact with hot shroud surface
  • Clamshell design allows for easy removal of the shroud system with blower still attached.
  • Generous louver system minimizes heat build-up in the electrical terminal area.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel mesh prevents accidental burns and will not kink or crease.
  • Shroud assembly is designed to fit securely to the heater body, eliminating walking or shuddering on the barrel.
  • Sturdy lock-up latches adjust for a tight fit to the heater for maximum airflow efficiency.
  • Robust 16 gauge stainless steel housing and a blower mount for stable high CFM service.
  • Internal baffle system ensures optimal and efficient airflow distribution.


* Standard barrel sizes available for OEM configurations or retrofit construction.

* Durex Engineering will assist you with design specifications and option selection.


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