Integrated Transmitter RTD - Resistance Temperature Detector Assemblies

----Integrated Transmitter Resistance Temperature Detector AssembliesThis unique line of integrated transmitter resistance temperature detector probes combines an industry standard 4-20mA transmitter with a matched high accuracy RTD in a compact, hermetically sealed assembly. The robust construction of this resistance temperature detector enables it to withstand vibrations, harsh wash downs and drastic temperature changes in the roughest environmental conditions. The unique design eliminates the need for additional connection leads and hardware such as mounting boxes, transmitter housings, and cable tracks.

Customer specified temperature range for the transmitter calibration as well as custom probe dimensions, extension cable length, and type, and process connection types make these resistance temperature detector sensors a sure fit for the most challenging applications.

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Transmitter RTD with Extension Cable

Integrated Transmitter RTD Assembly with Extension Cable

The IT22 transmitter RTD assembly with extension cable configuration range stands out among other temperature sensors in its class. With a wide variety of probe diameters, temperature ranges, and fitting configurations, the IT22 can be designed to fit an abundance of applications.

Transmitter RTD with M12-Micro-Connector

Integrated Transmitter RTD Assembly with M12-Micro-Connector

The IT25 transmitter RTD assembly with M12 micro-connector can be utilized in similar applications as the IT22, but the IT25 allows for quick disconnections. IT25 resistance temperature devices are effective in laboratory test equipment, hydraulic power units, skids, generators, and mobile equipment.

Sanitary Transmitter RTD

Sanitary Integrated Transmitter RTD Assembly with Extension Cable

ITS22 sanitary integrated RTD assembly with extension cables are particularly useful where extreme operating conditions exist in wash down situations and very wet environments. While external cables will withstand wash downs, to further protect the sensor and ensure longer life, stainless steel armor or overbraid can be custom added to prevent abrasion wear.


  • Generators
  • Engines
  • Compressors
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Utilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Food Preparation
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Paper Mills


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