Kapton® Polyimide Heaters

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When you require a thin, fast response heater solution that provides precise heat distribution, Kapton® (Polyimide) heaters are ideally suited for a multitude of applications.  Durex Industries manufactures Kapton® heater elements constructed of a thin, etched-foil circuit laminated between two lightweight polyimide films that provide high dielectric strength, superior chemical resistance and low outgas characteristics.

Kapton® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont

Polyimide Heater Design Advantages

In addition to being lightweight, Kapton flexible heaters also provide the following advantages:

Considerations when Selecting a Kapton® Polyimide Heater

When choosing a polyimide heater, there are several factors to consider. A Kapton® heater can be an excellent choice when the following are applicable:

Kapton Heater Assemblies and Heated Parts

Heater assemblies and heated parts are perfect for OEMs looking for a one-stop shop who can provide ready-to-install heater solutions for their equipment.  Durex has years of experience working with OEMs to develop creative solutions that meet the complexity of today’s equipment requirements.  It can be as simple as designing custom distributed wattage heat profiles on the Kapton heater.  Or it can be as complex as adding integrated sensors, fuses, harnesses, connectors, and including factory bonding to the part.  Customers then just pull the parts out of the box and install the assembly into their equipment providing a “plug and play” solution.

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For over 40 years, Durex Industries has been an industry-leader of thermal control solutions. We are dedicated to quality processes and are committed to working with you to ensure we provide solutions that surpass your expectations. Our engineering expertise, in-house capabilities, and innovative product development make us your best choice for Kapton® heating elements.

Kapton Heater Specifications & Options

Heater Specifications

  • Sizes: Custom, consult Durex Industries for your application requirements
  • Standard Thickness: .007" in
  • Maximum Watt Density: 50 W/in² (depending on application, consult Durex for higher densities)
  • Standard Dimensional Tolerances: Less than 12" ± .062, Greater than 12" ± .125
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 450°F (232°C)
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -319˚F (-195˚C)
  • Wattage Tolerance: ±10%
  • Dielectric Strength: 1000 VAC

Heater Mounting Options

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PSA is the most common option for mounting Kapton® heaters. By selecting proper materials, including the release agent, you can promote a strong bond and effective heat transfer.


Kapton® heaters can also be clamped to their heating surface. A pressure plate is then fastened in place. To ensure even distribution of heat, and to protect the Kapton heater, a pressure pad or insulation layer is advised. The work surface should be free of any debris, dirt, chemicals, bumps, or grooves. This will protect the Kapton heater as well as prevent overheating.

Self-Fusing Tape

When mounting to a smooth cylindrical surface, Kapton® heaters can be mounted with self-fusing tape. This will provide a safe operation and even transfer of heat.

Kapton® (polyimide) Heater Control Options

For temperature control on Kapton® heaters, Durex recommends a resistance temperature detector (RTD) or thermocouple. Temperature sensors are mounted to the surface of the Kapton heater and send a resistance measurement to an external temperature controller that cycles the heater at a set temperature.

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