L-Shaped Square Cast-In Barrel Heaters

----L Shaped Square Cast In Barrel Heater.jpgThe "L" shape cast-in heater design is typically used on square and rectangular extruder barrels, which utilize a twin, screw design. In most cases, the high operating temperatures in these applications require these cast-in heaters to be constructed of a bronze alloy, however, aluminum alloys are used for applications, which do not require the higher watt densities. While the most common design for "L" shaped cast-in heaters consists of heat only, they can be manufactured with cast-in cooling tubes. Typical mounting options include manufacturing the casting with 45°mounting flange which allows the cast-in heaters to be bolted and drawn together on the barrel or the cast-in heater can be supplied with mounting holes machined into the casting to mount directly to the barrel. The most common electrical termination for the "L" shape designs is a junction box mounted on to a vented tower that extends from the body of the casting. The box has a gasket for moisture resistance and can also be supplied with explosion-proof specifications. The junction box can also be cast directly onto the heater. High-temperature leadwire with a heavy-duty bronze braid is also available upon request.

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design Features

  • Flange ear or drilled holes for mounting to the barrel
  • Durable cast-in vented towers for terminal box mounting
  • Manufactured in aluminum alloy for lower temperature applications
  • Cooling tubes can be cast-in for liquid cooling capacity
  • Machined holes for transducers and thermocouple locations
----l-shaped cast in heater drawings

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