Mineral Insulated Cable Heaters

----Mineral Insulated Cable Heaters

Mineral insulated cable heaters (MI cable heaters) are sheathed, MgO insulated heater cables with excellent dielectric strength and insulation resistance properties.  They can be formed to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can deliver high temperatures to areas where standard heaters are impractical due to size or space restrictions. MI cable heaters can be formed to cover cylindrical parts that require uniform or distributed wattage heat patterns. Special cold section lengths can also be designed into this heater as dictated by application requirements. Custom-formed mineral insulated cable heaters are transitioned with a moisture-resistant adapter to flexible lead wire. The flexible lead wire can have additional protective jackets such as stainless-steel braid or armor cable for abrasion protection.


Advantages of Using a Mineral Insulated Cable Heater

In addition to its versatility, mineral insulated cable heaters also have the following benefits:

Immersion Cable Heaters

Durex can modify any cable heater with special sheath materials, seals and protective connection housings for immersion heating in a gas or liquid environment. Flange, threaded fittings and other mounting styles, are also available.

Teflon® Sheathed Cable Heaters

When the temperature, moisture-resistance or chemical exposure factors require, Durex cable heaters can be supplied with Teflon® end seals on the heater sheath, Teflon® coating on the entire sheath and/or Teflon® insulated lead wires. Durex produces these cable heaters for such demanding yet varied environments as semiconductor and food processing applications, among many others.

Considerations when Selecting a Mineral Insulated Cable Heater

Start designing your Custom MI Cable Heater Today

Durex Industries has the experience and quality control you can trust for your next mineral insulated cable heater. Whether it is for an MI cable heater that can adjust to cryo-temps or a heater that adjusts to low or high-power densities, we have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for. Our capabilities also include custom design-build-to-suit to ensure success in every application.

Cable Heater Specifications & Options

Performance Ratings

  • Watt density: 150 watts per square inch of sheath surface area maximum with ideal application, consult factory
  • Maximum temperature: 1500°F (815°C)

Dimensional Ratings

  • Heater cable diameters: 0.040", 0.062" 0.093", 0.125", 0.132", 0.150", 0.170", 0.188", 0.200", 0.250", Consult the factory for additional sizes
  • Cable diameter tolerance: 0.005
  • Heater length tolerance: 0 to 6" ( 1/8"), 6" to 18" ( 1/4"), 18" to 24" ( 3/8"), 24" to 120" ( 3/4"), 120" to 300" ( 1")

Electrical Ratings

  • Resistance tolerance: 10%
  • Standard voltage: 120 or 240 volts, for higher or lower voltages, contact Durex Industries
  • Thermocouples: ANSI Type J or K

Heater Transition and Termination

  • Transition (potting) adapters:
  • 0.25" to 0.38" diameter (see standard specifications chart)
  • Transition temperature ratings: The standard transition is rated to 482°F (250°C). An optional high-temperature transition is rated to 842°F (450°C). Standard heater lead wire insulation is TGGT (Teflon®, double fiberglass, Teflon® impregnation) rated to 482°F (250°C)
  • Thermocouple: Standard leads use a fiberglass insulation rated to 900°F (482°C) Teflon® insulation is available upon request
  • Optional lead protection: Fiberglass sleeving, stainless steel overbraid, or stainless steel armor cable available

Standard Specifications

Sheath Cross Section Maximum Voltage Adapter Minimum Bend Radius

Diameter Length
0.062 Dia. 120 0.25 1.16 0.18
0.093 Dia. 120 0.28 0.88 0.28
0.125 Dia. 240 0.28 0.88 0.38
0.080 x 0.140 240 0.28 0.88 0.38
0.100 x 0.120 240 0.28 0.88 0.38
0.150 Dia. 240 0.28 0.88 0.45
0.105 x 0.150 240 0.28 0.88 0.45
0.130 x 0.130 240 0.28 0.88 0.45
0.188 Dia. 240 0.38 1.20 0.56
0.200 Dia. 240 0.38 1.20 0.60
0.250 Dia. 240 0.38 1.20 0.75

Radius may be reduced to two times the sheath diameter under ideal conditions. Consult Durex Industries. Resistance / Wattage Tolerance 10%

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Cable Heater Typical Applications

  • Heat Trace / Freeze Protection
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Plastic Molding Hot Runners Systems
  • Air or Liquid Immersion
  • Cutting and Sealing Bars
  • Tube and Pipe Heating
  • Large Surface Areas
  • Vacuum Chambers

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