Paper Product Manufacturing Cast Heaters

Cast Bronze Ring HeaterA manufacturer of paper-based products for the consumer market had unsatisfactory results with the productivity of one of its manufacturing lines.  The product was manufactured in a heated press line.  The production volume had been ramped up and the heat recovery of the press could not keep up with the production demand.  Temperature precision and recovery time are critical to the high speed process.

Solution: The Durex solution is a very high powered (high watt density) bronze cast aluminum ring heater that quickly recovers temperature between processing each product.  The watt density of this heater is far higher than is normally recommended for most applications.  Additional temperature sensors and controls were added in order to provide the proper control response of this heater to the dynamic processing conditions.  Durex further optimized the heater design to allow for faster temperature recovery times as well as maximize heater life.

Result: The manufacturer was able to increase manufacturing throughput and yield as well as reduce the cost of maintenance and down time.

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