Cartridge Heaters for Plastic Parts Manufacturer

----Cartridge Heaters-Duraslikjpg.jpgA plastic parts manufacturer was experiencing difficulties in removing spent cartridge heaters from the molds. The heaters would seize and bind in the holes, forcing the maintenance department to occasionally have to drill the heaters out. This caused significant downtime and increased maintenance costs.

Our Solution: We created a solution that uses its proprietary non-stick coating on the cartridge heater surface called Duraslik. This coating prevents oxidation on the heater sheath, which is the main cause of the heater binding in mold holes.

The Results: The customer chose to use the Duraslik coated cartridge heaters. The binding of the heaters in the holes was virtually eliminated over time. The customer was very happy to reduce a large source of downtime, waste, and losses.

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