Cast In Heaters for Semiconductor Processing

----Cast in Heaters for Semiconductor Processing.jpgDurex Industries manufactures a line of cast-in aluminum and bronze heaters to meet the challenges of the most stringent requirements of the Semiconductor processing industry. Manufactured under the most rigid quality standards, these heaters are designed to deliver the performance that the industry expects and demands. Durex engineering will customize any of our heater products to meet your specifications.

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Bake Platen Heaters

Utilizing state of the art heater technology, Durex manufactures precision cast-in bake platens specifically for semiconductor processing 200mm, 300mm, and 450mm wafers. The cast-in platen heaters are cast of pure aluminum (99.7%) to insure maximum operating temperatures of 450°C (842°F) with minimum risk of process contamination. The casting process is...

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Bake/Chill Pedestal Heaters

The cast-in pedestal heater for semiconductor processing is basically a bake or chill platen that has an aluminum "neck" attached to the underside of the platen by electron beam welding or friction welding if dissimilar materials are required by the customer. A helium leak test is performed to insure a...

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Bake/Chill Platen Heaters

The cast-in bake/chill platen heater for semiconductor processing has essentially the same operating specifications as the cast-in bake platen with the addition of a cooling function. A precision formed cooling tube is added as an integral component to the heater assembly in the body of the casting. This function can...

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Cast In Hot Chuck Heaters

Durex manufactures cast-in hot chucks or "heated tools" for semiconductor processing that deliver precise heat to wafers during the manufacturing process. These cast-in platens are individually customized with vacuum channels on the working surface, specific lift pin hole locations, and other surface or backside mounting holes. Manufactured from pure aluminum (99.7%),...

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High Temperature Platen Heaters

When temperatures exceed the 450°C (842°F) temperature range offered by aluminum platen heaters, Durex offers a unique high temperature platen heater to extend the range available for a machined heater. The heater body is typically constructed of stainless steel, however other materials such as Nickel, Inconel®, or Copper can be...

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Standard Pedestal Heaters

The standard cast-in pedestal heater manufactured by Durex for semiconductor processing is designed to provide a quick solution for wafer processing applications. These cast-in heaters are designed specifically for 200mm, 300mm, and 450mm wafers. The standard design eliminates the need for costly tooling and mold design associated with new design...

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Cast Vacuum Chamber Heaters

Cast Vacuum Chamber Heaters are designed to optimize temperature profile in a vacuum chamber.  Uniform process temperature improves etch and deposition rates and uniformity. Contact us for Engineering Assistance.

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Special Material Pedestal Heaters

Special Material Pedestal Heaters provide material compatibility in vacuum applications where aluminum cannot be used because of process temperatures greater than 450°C and or corrosive chemical environments.

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