Skid Mounted Heaters

Skid mounting of process circulation heaters provides the convenience of being able to drop the heater into place at the job site, either on a mounting pad or elsewhere in the facility structure. Durex has the engineering, design and manufacturing capability to skid mount and interconnect circulation heaters, duct heaters (in ductwork) and DFX cast circulation heaters.

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----Skid-Mounted-Circulation-Heater.jpgDesign Features

  • Pre-mounted process heaters on a structural steel frame
    • Ease of installation at the customer site
  • Allowance for installation of pumps, piping, etc.
    • Allows complete, quick integration at the job site
  • Piping connections can be extended to skid edge
    • Allows for quick, trouble-free piping hook up
  • Horizontal or vertical mounted process heater
    • Provides fit within space limitations
  • Heater solutions to over 1MW power rating
    • Custom-tailored solutions for almost any heating job
  • Unclassified and hazloc classified heater solutions
    • Compliance with safety requirements as needed
  • ASME pressure vessel and piping code compliance
    • Compliance with industry standards
  • Easy access lifting lugs
    • Ensure balanced lift and positioning

  • Process Air & Gas Heating
  • Process Chemical Reactors
  • Water Heating
  • Steam Superheating
  • Lube Oil & Fuel Oil Heating
  • Hydraulic and Heat Transfer Oils
  • Caustic Solution Heating
  • Water-Glycol Solution Heating

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