Steel Processing Skid System & Control Panel

Steel Processing Skid SystemA rolled steel manufacturing plant needed to expand their production capacity.  They wanted to replicate and improve existing heater systems in other countries and contacted Durex for help.  This new system, however, needed to have air outlet temperatures approaching 1400F°.  In addition, the existing designs were experiencing premature heater failures, so design improvements to increase life were also desired if possible to obtain.


Control Panel Steel ProcessingDurex used application information to re-design the heater system from the ground up.  A multi-stage heating system was designed and mated to stage controls in a control panel in order to provide tight temperature control.  High alloy, high-temperature materials such as alloy 800 and 304H were used along with flow baffling.  The heaters were ASME Section VII Division 1 Code Stamped along with UL 508A Listed control panel.


Successful installation and implementation of the expanded production capability resulted as desired with excellent results and no heater failures to date.

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