Tank Heaters for Diesel Fuel

Tank Heater for Diesel FuelA military contractor reached out to Durex to develop rugged, high reliability, yet lightweight tank heaters to heat diesel fuel in ships in cold climates.  Temperature maintenance is crucial to ensure low viscosity for pumping as well as proper burning in the engines or turbines.

Durex developed a "gooseneck" tank heater solution that was also explosion proof rated for direct through the wall tank install.  Multiple heater circuits allow idle, heat and boost heating capabilities to minimize power draw from the ship's batteries.  AC and DC heater circuits were required to allow for use on ship standby battery power as well as when engines are running.  Full stainless steel construction with moisture seals and custom assembly mounts ensure robust installation and long service life.


Durex's design solution passed all destructive and non-destructive tests and complied with all MIL spec, weight and footprint requirements.  The heater has performed flawlessly during tests, sea trials and now into ship production.

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