Temperature Sensors For Frying Equipment

Temperature-Sensors-Fryer-EquipmentAs part of a new equipment redesign, a manufacturer of food service equipment discovered that an obstruction in the new piece of equipment prevented direct insertion of the temperature sensor probe as in previous generations of equipment.  The obstruction could not be penetrated to allow sensor installation.  The manufacturer contacted Durex to determine if a solution could be suggested that might prevent equipment redesign.

Durex designed a sensor with a compound bend that allowed the sensor probe to be installed and slipped passed the obstruction inside of the equipment.  The challenge was developing an internal construction that would not weaken or damage the sensor elements during multiple forming operations, as well as, ensuring proper sensor placement inside of the probe body.  This was accomplished through special tooling and process procedures as well as destructive and non-destructive testing to ensure consistent quality of the temperature sensors.

Result: Tapping in to Durex engineering capabilities and industry experience, allowed Durex to develop a solution that provided the required temperature sensing precision, while preventing the manufacturer from having to engage in expensive redesign of equipment.  The result was a cost effective sensor probe with a high degree of reliability and satisfied customer.


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