Water Storage Tank Immersion Heaters

Water Storage Tank Immersion Heater

A power generation plant was installing new large water storage tanks as part of their fire protection system.  Immersion heaters would be needed for freeze protection to comply with NFPA requirements.  The customer wanted the ability for easy replacement of the heaters in event of failure and there was a concern about compliance with seismic requirements.

The Durex engineering team worked with the customer to design a 316SS dry well immersion heater solution that provides easy heater element replacement without draining the tank.  The 316SS was chosen over 304SS due to potential water contamination or additives potentially becoming aggressive to the dry well. This extra-long dry well immersion heater assembly also included special mounting supports for the dry well for seismic stabilization.


Even though the dry well immersion heater should have a life of decades, the ability to replace heaters without draining the tank was considered an important attribute in the selection of this thermal solution over simple direct immersion heaters.


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