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Process IndustriesIndustrial process heating requirements vary widely by application, but the need for properly designed industrial process heater components built with robust construction to suit the application is a constant. Durex Industries provides custom heating solutions for difficult applications, as well as industry standard electric heater and temperature sensing components for any replacement need. Our solutions include screw plug immersion heaters, heavy duty flanged heaters, circulation heaters, tank heaters, electric duct heaters, and integrated skid system heating systems with process control panels that feature the cutting edge of available technology.

Durex Industries designs and manufactures robust process technology heaters, process heating systems, temperature sensors, and temperature control systems for industrial process heating applications. Our process heaters are used for a myriad of industrial heating applications and materials including hydraulic fluids, bunker oil, heat transfer fluids, chemicals, water, and air.

Durex Industries Expands Process Heat Division

In support of business growth at the new Process Heat facility, Durex Industries continues to add machining and fabrication capability. We have added water jet cutting, planar and rotary plasma cutters, and additional CNC machining capacity to support our standard product business as well as custom project business. In addition, a new large bay paint booth system is up and running for painting large products and systems. We also have fabrication capability to service up to 42" ANSI flange immersion heaters and circulation vessel sizes for the oil and petrochemical industry. The Process Heat Division designs and manufactures formed tubular heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, duct heaters, over the side heaters, control panels and skidded systems for a variety of industries and applications.

Our Process Heat Division is located at 305 Cary Point Drive, Cary, IL, 60013.

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Oil, Gas, Petrochem, Chemical Industries - Durex Industries manufactures robust industrial electric process heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controllers and process heating systems for trouble free service in process plants, heat transfer systems, reactors, tanks and reservoirs, lube and pump systems, air dryers, process gas heating and other applications.

Power Industry - Durex Industries manufactures robust industrial electric process heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controllers and process heating systems for long life, trouble free service for fuel gas and fuel oil heating, tank and reservoir heating, water wash systems, flue gas and ESP heating, and other power plant applications.

Primary and Secondary Metals Processing - Durex Industries designs and manufactures temperature sensors, temperature controls and electric heating solutions for a wide variety of applications including primary and secondary metals furnaces, heat treat baths, autoclaves, heat transfer systems, and other foundry applications.

Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage Industries - Durex Industries manufactures accurate, robust temperature sensors, temperature controls and electric heater solutions for applications including ovens, vats, brew kettles, transfer lines, batch processing, milking & dairy systems, heat transfer systems and reactors, packaging equipment, sterilizers, spray dryers and drying systems, etc.

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