Semiconductor Processing

Equipment used in manufacturing processes for transistors, memory devices, microprocessors, crystal silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells, and thin film PV cells all require thermal solutions. Knowing the importance of temperature, Durex continues to innovate and provide customer specific thermal solutions that are critical to next generation equipment and processes.

The best thermal solutions not only take into consideration the process temperature, but also understand the interaction of pressure, vacuum, radio frequency, time, flow, and chemistry. By providing solutions that include the entire thermal loop, Durex designs are the best available solution for your application.

Durex Industries is the Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Equipment Industry's premier supplier of high performance radiant, convection, and conduction thermal solutions. Contact us today!

Deposition and Etch Equipment

Semiconductor wafers are commonly defined by the speed of the device, and small line width and spacing between transistors. Photovoltaic (PV) cells are defined by their efficiency in converting light into electricity and cost-per-watt. Processing semiconductor wafers and PV cells require deposition of materials to create semiconductor junctions, the interconnection of layers, and etching of photoresist and line edges. Precisely controlling the temperature of the deposition and etch processes is critical to the performance of the device and increasing the product yield. Durex's proven technology platforms can be quickly customized to provide optimum performance in CVD, PECVD, LPCVD, plasma etch and other critical process equipment.

Related Markets

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Vacuum Deposition Equipment - Durex Industries has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing precision heating, cooling, sensor and control solutions for ultra-clean vacuum deposition equipment used in processing semiconductor and photovoltaic devices.

Etch and Cleaning Equipment - Durex Industries is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of precision heating, cooling, sensor and control solutions for dry etch, wet etch, ashing, and cleaning equipment used in the processing of semiconductor and photovoltaic devices.

Assembly, Packaging and Test Equipment - Durex Industries applies over 40 years of semiconductor thermal experience in designing and manufacturing precision heating, cooling, sensor and control solutions ranging from nanotechnology devices to large scale thin film photovoltaic modules.

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