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Thermal News February 2016

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Welcome to the winter 2016 Durex Thermal News.

Six years ago, Durex embarked upon a business objective to become the best engineering and manufacturing company in our industry. This meant raising the bar of our engineering and manufacturing competencies. Specifically, it meant investing in new equipment, processes, and experienced professionals. Being the best is a continuing journey best illustrated and told by one of Durex' team managers.

Ed DeWitt WebsiteEd DeWitt, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Ed, a seasoned engineer, specializing in the design of manufacturing equipment, joined Durex in Q4'15 as Manufacturing Engineering Manager. Being new to Durex, Ed brings new insights into the existing manufacturing processes and ways to improve.

We asked Ed for his initial observations of Durex, the challenges and goals for 2016. Ed responded, "I view Durex as one of the most dynamic companies that I have ever worked with. Its goal of exceeding customer expectations while maintaining a very diverse product line presents the manufacturing engineering group with many challenges, opportunities for new technologies and the latest in automated equipment.”

"My Primary goal is to develop resources within my group to service our design team as well as manufacturing in an effort to streamline new product launches, improve efficiencies of existing processes, and improve quality while reducing lead times for our customers. I lead a team of Manufacturing Engineers, who will effectively address the challenges of a company as dynamic as Durex, and help to drive our effort of becoming a global leader in thermal solutions."

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POWER-GEN International

In December 2015, Durex exhibited at the POWER-GEN International tradeshow in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest global exhibitions focused on power generation technologies. Durex displayed products and signage highlighting products and developments in several power gen markets.


Expansion of the Distributor Quick Ship Program

Durex Industries’ distributors benefit from the recent expansion of our Quick Ship program. We asked John Golko, Distributor Sales Manager, how the distributors feel about this program. He stated, “The feedback from our distributors has been very positive, we’ve definitely seen an increase in purchase orders since the QuickShip program was initiated.”
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The Quick Ship program consists of a 5 business day shipment of 2” & 2 ½”NPT screw plug immersion heaters with NEMA 1 enclosure, 4 heads, and thermostats or thermocouples. In addition, there is a 5 business day shipment on short run standard sensors and 10-day shipment on standard cartridge heaters, both 5 to 25 pieces.

Thermal Fogging Machine Application

Winter 2016 Newsletter DFX250-WebsiteAn engineer with a unique thermal application found Durex's website on the internet and contacted us regarding heating a mixture of chemicals used in a Thermal Fogging Machine. John Sidbeck, a Durex application engineer, called the potential customer to discuss the application in detail.

The application is to pump a premixed blend of 80% dipropylene glycol solvent and 20% Fungicide with the following specifications: 

          >28 micron 2%
          >13 micron 4-17%
          >10 micron 10-30%

After detailed discussion, it was determined that the maximum power requirement would be 940 watts. John recommended Durex' DFX250 Cast Circulation heater as a solution. The DFX250 is a robust low mass circulation heater that provides a quick thermal response. The cast circulation heater assembly is a designed integral 316 stainless steel tube and tubular heater that are in a helix layout. This design maximizes heat transfer in variable flow rate gas and fluid applications.

Contact Durex Industries for all your thermal loop product and system requirements.