Analytical Instrumentation Flexible Heater Assembly

Flexible Heater Assembly.jpgAn Analytical Instrumentation Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has a highly sensitive portable precision measurement instrument that is used outdoors in extreme weather environments.

It is critical that the sensing devices and electronics be housed in a heated moisture proof environment. Freezing temperatures and condensation could result in incorrect measurements. The OEM had designed a single-piece anodized aluminum enclosure to protect the critical components. The enclosure itself needed to be uniformly heated. The OEM was looking for a turnkey solution that would include the aluminum enclosure, heaters, and sensors.

Durex was engaged to design and manufacture the turnkey enclosure assembly. Using a metal spinning process, the enclosure was formed to the dimensional specifications.

Distributed wattage silicone rubber heaters with integrated thermocouples were designed to meet the temperature uniformity specifications. Considering the harsh environment, the heaters are vulcanized to the enclosure.

Supplying a turnkey solution resulted in a reliable solution at a lower cost and better lead time than individually supplied components.

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