Process Heating Systems

----Process Heating Systems Heater.jpgAn engineering firm needed freeze protection for eight large contaminated water tanks at a waste remediation site in the northern U.S.  Winter was fast approaching and they needed a heating solution on-site within 2 to 3 weeks.

Our Solution: The temperatures were dropping and time was running out to get tank heaters on site to prevent freezing. Durex swung into action with several design proposals. To save time, the customer chose to go with a dual-stage heater & two-zone control panel skid system that the customer that would mate his existing pumps and piping on site in order to service multiple tanks.  The customer selected and ordered four recirculating heater/control panel skid systems.

The Results: Working on an expedited schedule, these heater & panel skids were designed, built, tested and shipped within 2 weeks and overnight trucked to the job site.  The heaters were installed, up and running prior to the first major freeze of the winter.

Don't get caught in a deep freeze, contact us to discuss your application.

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