Temperature Sensor Team Shines

Durex has been manufacturing temperature sensors for decades. One of the reasons the sensor group continues to be a leader in growth at Durex is its problem solving and product development capabilities.

Temperature Sensors.jpgFor instance, a manufacturer of pressure washers was having problems with temperature sensor life in a heated, high-pressure application. Durex engineered a moisture-sealed, heavy wall, high-pressure sensor design using Class 6000 fittings to ensure a minimum of 4,000 psig continuous pressure rating.

In another case, a manufacturer of over-the-road power equipment was experiencing sensor failure due to moisture, road salt and dirt migrating into the sensor assembly internals. Durex analyzed the sensor and discovered that thermal expansion and contraction, over time, were allowing these contaminants to seep into the sensor causing corrosion and sensor error. Durex developed a probe design to remove the contamination pathways and eliminate the problem.

In one final example, a manufacturer of boilers and water heaters was experiencing corrosion and pitting of the thermowell, despite switching to 316L material. To solve the problem, Durex developed a gold-plated thermowell and sensor assembly with thinner walls to not only prevent corrosion but also improve sensor response time.

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