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Durex Releases Quick Ship Program For Process Heaters

Fast turn shipping capabilities on screw plug immersion, flange immersion, and circulation heaters.

Durex Industries Adds New Manufacturing Facility

Durex Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition and deployment of expanded manufacturing capability at 339 Cary Point Drive, Cary, Illinois.

Durex Industries Exhibits at Semicon West 2018

Durex Industries is the Semiconductor Equipment Industry's premier supplier of high-performance conduction, convection, and radiant thermal solutions.

Durex Industries Exhibits at NPE 2018

A leading manufacturer of electric heaters, temperature sensors, and temperature controls for plastics processing equipment.

Announcing Harris-Hanson Company as New Representative

Harris-Hanson Company is a St. Louis based representative firm serving the Central Plain States, which includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Southern Illinois.

Thermal News September 2016

Selection of the best temperature sensor element and assembly is critical to the thermal accuracy and performance of industrial equipment, analytical instrumentation, and medical devices.

Thermal News February 2016

Six years ago, Durex embarked upon a business objective to become the best engineering and manufacturing company in our industry. This meant raising the bar of our engineering and manufacturing competencies.

Thermal News November 2015

Solving thermal problems is one hallmark of what Durex brings to customers. We would like to share 3 examples of how Durex solved challenging applications.

Case Studies

Cast In Air Cooled Heater With Shroud.jpg

Cast In Air Cooled Heaters For Plastics Processing

A flooring manufacturer who was using liquid cooled cast-in barrel heaters for their plastic mold presses was having issues with clogged and leaking water lines due to a constant build up of mineral deposits in the lines. This problem hindered production because of the downtime needed to stop and change out heaters.…

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Silicone Heaters for Analytical Equipment

A manufacturer of oil field gas analyzers opened a project to reduce the on floor assembly time of their main product.  The largest issue was the time it was taking to attach a complex-shaped silicone heater to a cylindrical shaped aluminum vessel.  The company’s exacting quality requirements made it necessary to carefully make sure there was no entrapped air between the heater and vessel and that all corners were carefully attached.  This was important to ensure temperature uniformity of the vessel as well as prevent premature heater failure.…

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Temperature Sensors For Frying Equipment

As part of a new equipment redesign, a manufacturer of food service equipment discovered that an obstruction in the new piece of equipment prevented direct insertion of the temperature sensor probe as in previous generations of equipment.  The obstruction could not be penetrated to allow sensor installation.  The manufacturer contacted Durex to determine if a solution could be suggested that might prevent equipment redesign.…

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Dry Well Immersion Heaters For Mining Equipment

A large mining project executed in the Tar Sands of Canada required several hundred immersion heaters to be specified for installation into rock crushing and mining equipment in order to keep gear boxes and lubrication systems operating at peak performance in temperatures down to -40°F.…

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Aerospace Silicone Heaters

A large manufacturer of aerospace battery packs had a new requirement for a space saving lithium battery pack.  The requirements presented a challenge to the normal silicone heater power lead configuration due to a maximum thickness specification.  The space envelope would only allow for .080" thick for the flexible heater at its maximum thickness including the power lead thickness.…

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Chemical Process Heating System

Chemical Process Heating System

A manufacturer of specialty chemicals needed to develop a batch chemical manufacturing process that required precise, multi-tank as well as multi-zone heating and control parameters in order to achieve desired product characteristics and high yields.   If successful, the manufacturer was looking to expand production.…

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