Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors measure the temperature of the workload and process variable in industrial equipment and processing. For equipment that depends on proper heating or cooling, temperature sensors help control and monitor the temperature conditions to ensure successful operations.

Durex Industries has been engineering and manufacturing industry standard and custom designed temperature sensors for thermocouple, resistance temperature detector (RTD), or thermistor applications for over 40 years.

Industrial Temperature Sensors

Industrial temperature sensors are a key component in ensuring optimized equipment functionality and process control.  Therefore, proper sensor selection is necessary to best match application and performance requirements.

Need help deciding which type of temperature sensor is right for your application, view our temperature sensor element selection guide.

Where contact sensing of solid materials, liquids and gases is required, Durex temperature sensors are frequently found in the following industries:

Considerations when Selecting Temperature Sensors

Durex Industries offers a wide range of temperature sensors. Consider these factors when choosing the right temperature sensor for your application.

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As a leading temperature sensor manufacturer, Durex Industries provides high-quality temperature sensors to meet all of your application requirements. We offer design and product development expertise in a wide variety of sensor technologies.

Our engineering team provide a collaborative process that optimizes your technical and business requirements. We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs in many Original Equipment Manufacturer markets, specializing in OEM product roll-outs.

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