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Durex Industries 190 Detroit Street Cary Illinois 60013Founded in 1980, Durex Industries has positioned itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality electric industrial heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controls and process systems.

Over the years, we have grown to meet each new challenge in the market through innovative product development, continuous process improvements, and a commitment to high quality standards.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible to satisfy all of your requirements. Plus, our engineering experience supports you with product solutions from concept through production, and state-of-the-art design software allows our staff to provide dynamic visual enhancements of prototype designs prior to manufacturing.

As a result of our ever-expanding capabilities and the increased demand for Durex products and services, our manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois has now been expanded to 145,000 square feet, which includes additional capacity for research and development of new products for tomorrow's thermal solutions.

And through it all, our mission remains total customer satisfaction through effective customer communication, on-time deliveries, defect-free products, and a total quality system that promotes constant improvement of our services and operations.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our deep expertise in thermal process developed from years of application design and support. Contact us today!

Headquarters-190 Detroit StHeadquarters

190 Detroit Street
Cary, IL 60013
Phone: 866-712-5014
Fax: 847-639-2199
Direct Email: sales@durexindustries.com


Process Systems Division-305 Cary Point DriveProcess Systems Division

305 Cary Point Drive
Cary, IL 60013
Phone: 866-712-5014
Fax: 847-639-2199
Direct Email: sales@durexindustries.com


Durex Industries Expands Process Systems Division

The History of Durex Industries


Durex Industries Exhibits at Semicon West 2018

Durex Industries is the Semiconductor Equipment Industry's premier supplier of high-performance conduction, convection, and radiant thermal solutions.

Durex Industries Exhibits at NPE 2018

A leading manufacturer of electric heaters, temperature sensors, and temperature controls for plastics processing equipment.

Announcing Harris-Hanson Company as New Representative

Harris-Hanson Company is a St. Louis based representative firm serving the Central Plain States, which includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Southern Illinois.

Thermal News September 2016

Selection of the best temperature sensor element and assembly is critical to the thermal accuracy and performance of industrial equipment, analytical instrumentation, and medical devices.

Thermal News February 2016

Six years ago, Durex embarked upon a business objective to become the best engineering and manufacturing company in our industry. This meant raising the bar of our engineering and manufacturing competencies.

Thermal News November 2015

Solving thermal problems is one hallmark of what Durex brings to customers. We would like to share 3 examples of how Durex solved challenging applications.

Thermal News July 2015

Welcome! Durex’ core technologies and advanced thermal solutions provide superior performance - giving our customers advantages in their industries.

Durex Announces the SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater

Durex Industries’ SENTINEL heaters offer the advances of improved thermal efficiency, higher process temperatures, and reduced system cost.

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