Flexible Heaters - Silicone Rubber and Kapton®

----Flexible Silicone Rubber-Kapton.jpgDurex Industries is a preferred manufacturer of electric flexible silicone rubber heaters and Kapton heaters, our custom flexible heating elements are providing customers their optimal thermal solution in over twenty different OEM markets. Durex's unique approach to electric flexible heaters optimizes the product's design to meet the customer's most important requirements. This collaborative process, based on extensive experience with complex OEM product roll outs, assures that both business and technical requirements are optimized in the flexible heater design.

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Design Features:

  • Custom flexible silicone rubber and Kapton heater designs
  • Minimal mass
  • Ability to profile the watt density
  • Unlimited amount of shapes
  • Excellent thermal control
  • Creative product engineering to fit restrictive design parameters
  • Economical solutions in medium to large runs
  • Etched Foil / Wire Wound


----Silicone Rubber Heaters.jpg

Silicone Rubber Heaters

Durex's silicone rubber heaters take advantage of the unique properties of silicone rubber to provide flexible heating elements of unparalleled performance. Silicone rubber is calendared onto fiberglass cloth in a variety of thicknesses and constructions which serves as the basis for Durex's silicone heating elements. Generally two layers of material containing an etched foil...

----Kapton-Polyimide Heaters.jpg

Kapton® (polyimide) Heaters

Kapton® (polyimide) Heaters offer superior tensile strength and tear resistance, with precision heat distribution. They are ideal for extreme temperature environments. Polyimide (kapton®) heaters are constructed of a flexible lightweight organic polymer thin film with high dielectric capabilities, while providing superior resistance to most solvents, oils, even radiation.

----Silicone Rubber Elastic Wrap Heaters.jpg

Silicone Rubber Elastic Wrap Heaters

New Product Development. From technology development to product innovation, Durex Industries continues to develop solutions that can be applied to challenging thermal applications. Elastic wrap flexible heaters is just one of many new products from Durex Industries.

----Silicone Rubber Heater Assemblies.jpg

Silicone Rubber Heater Assemblies

Silicone rubber heater assemblies with integrated RTD sensors are the preferred solution for many medical applications including IV fluid delivery, respiratory therapy medications and gases, and for patient comfort during MRI imaging procedures. By heating fluids and gases to 37°C (98.6°F) the likelihood of hypothermia is reduced and patient comfort...

----Insulated Gas Line Heaters.jpg

Insulated Gas Line Heaters

Uniform gas temperature in delivery lines is critical to eliminate condensation and contamination of the wafer process. Durex Industries introduces improved gas line heater designs to maximize heat profile uniformity and prevent unwanted thermal gradients that lead to reduced yields and tool downtime.

----Polyimide Heaters and Integrated Assemblies.jpg

Polyimide Heaters and Integrated Assemblies

Polyimide heaters and integrated assemblies are a thermal solution for applications requiring precision temperature profiles. By supplying a thermal assembly that has been optimized for an application, Durex can assure that part-to-part performance will meet the clinical diagnostics equipment specifications. Polyimide heater solutions are commonly used in PCR thermal cycle,...

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