Temperature Sensor Technologies

Durex Industries manufactures a wide range of engineered temperature sensor assemblies for thermocouple or resistance temperature detector (RTD) applications. We have a wide variety of temperature sensor products suited for use in the aerospace, defense, and security industries. Our custom engineered temperature sensor probes and temperature sensor assemblies can tackle the most critical and harshest environments.  Applications for Durex sensor assemblies range from monitoring and providing temperature control signals on aircraft angle-of-attack sensors to turbine engines.

RTD Sensors

RTD Sensors-Aerospace-Security-Defense-2For applications requiring high temperature accuracy, Durex Industries manufacturers Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD). Durex RTD temperature sensors are available with an assortment of connections, mounting hardware, and enclosures to suit harsh chemical, immersion, and other heavy-duty requirements. Sealed leadwire transitions eliminate contamination. Multiple sensing elements can be located at various points for precise temperature control. Durex designs, manufactures, and assembles virtually all of the components of its resistance temperature detectors.   Highly accurate fast responding RTD sensors are used in most instrumentation and security applications.

Thermocouple Sensors

Temperature Sensor TechnologiesReliable and robust thermocouple sensors which provide fast temperature response, can be the preferred solution in many aerospace, defense and security applications.   Understanding the application's temperature and accuracy performance specifications, material compatibility, dimensional, and environmental conditions is critical to successfully selecting and designing a temperature sensor solution.     Many applications require special quality validation, testing and certifications.  Durex Industries is prepared to provide the best thermocouple temperature sensor solutions.

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