Most aerospace, defense and security thermal applications require heating components that are critical to the successful operation of a sub-system.  The thermal solution must address a combination of harsh environments, heating 3-dimensional components, precision accuracy, fast response, robustness and other design specifications.  Customer test and validation requirements vary with application and intended end use.

Durex Industries provides thermal solutions using our core heater and sensor technologies combined with other electromechanical components to supply customers with turnkey assemblies.  Standard validation, manufacturing and quality processes align with industry requirements.   Thermal solutions may range from low-temperature de-icing applications using silicone rubber or Kapton® heater technologies to sensors used in high-temperature engines and turbines.

Durex Industries designs & manufactures electric heaters & temperature sensors for the most demanding equipment and instrument requirements in aerospace, defense and security industries.  Applications range from cryogenic vacuum environments found in outer space to instantaneous thermal response necessary in detection instrumentation.


Related Markets

Military and Civilian Aircraft - Temperature monitoring and temperature control are critical to the operation of aircraft in harsh environments ranging from de-icing angle-of-attack sensors to preventing moisture condensation in sensitive aeronautic instrumentation.  Durex Industries electric heater and temperature sensor solutions are optimal for robustness and fast thermal response while requiring minimal weight and physical space.

Defense Systems - When the difference between success and failure can be measured in millimeters of accuracy and microseconds of response, thermal solutions are critical for the reliable operation of mobile and stationary weapon systems.   Whether it is a mobile or stationary application, Durex Industries designs and manufactures custom thermal solutions of electric heaters and temperature sensors for the unique requirements of each type of weapon system.

Security Detection Instrumentation - Gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and other instrumentation are used for chemical, biological and physical detection.  Durex Industries solutions are designed to provide a fast accurate thermal response at the higher temperatures often required in detection instrumentation.   Compact in size and weight, Durex solutions are ideal for mobile military and civilian instruments.

Space and Satellite Vehicles - From providing heat for thrusters to deep space instrumentation, precise temperature control and monitoring are critical to the operation of satellites and their long term missions.  Durex Industries designs and manufactures robust application specific thermal solutions for the harsh environments of outer space.

Aeronautic Instrumentation - Humidity, moisture, temperature and other environmental conditions can interfere with sensitive aeronautic instrumentation.  Durex Industries thermal solutions are designed to protect instrumentation and help assure optimum performance.  Solutions usually require low mass polyimide heaters and temperature sensor solutions that are designed specifically for an instrument and its intended use.

Optical and Photonic Devices - Optical lens and electronic components in security scanners, infrared monitors and other security instruments are subject to fogging and intermittent operation because of varying environmental conditions.  Durex Industries designs and manufactures thermal solutions that are robust, compact size and lightweight to optimize operation and reliability of optical devices and related instrumentation.

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