Bake Platen Heaters

----Bake Platen Heaters.jpgUtilizing state of the art heater technology, Durex manufactures precision cast-in bake platens specifically for semiconductor processing 200mm, 300mm, and 450mm wafers. The cast-in platen heaters are cast of pure aluminum (99.7%) to ensure maximum operating temperatures of 450°C (842°F) with minimum risk of process contamination. The casting process is controlled to eliminate any defects in the machined surface or casting body that would be caused by porosity. A mineral insulated heating element is distributed throughout the casting to provide surface temperature uniformity of ± 1% or better of the process operating temperature. An available hard-anodized finish provides an abrasion-resistant dielectric barrier on the working surface of the cast-in bake platen heater.

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