High Temperature Platen Heaters

----High Temperature Platen Heaters.jpgWhen temperatures exceed the 450°C (842°F) temperature range offered by aluminum platen heaters, Durex offers a unique high-temperature platen heater to extend the range available for a machined heater. The heater body is typically constructed of stainless steel, however other materials such as Nickel, Inconel®, or Copper can be used. The assembly is provided as a single component. A precise groove is machined into the heater body determined by the heat profile requirements of the surface. A mineral insulated heating element is press fit into the groove to guarantee intimate contact with the heater body, which optimizes heater life and temperature uniformity of the working surface. An available vacuum braze treatment is also available. In addition to high-temperature platens, these units can be manufactured as pedestals and welded as vacuum tight.

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